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Custom Sprayers
Click the photos to see examples of custom sprayers built by Accuspray
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Sprayer Engineering and Manufacture

Accuspray designs and builds sprayers to meet the customer's exact needs. Our years of experience in California, Arizona and Hawaii have taught us that Western conditions put different demands on equipment than in other areas of the country. This is why Accuspray builds spraying equipment for an individual's specific needs and for specialized markets.

We use computer assisted drafting (C.A.D.) to engineer all of our equipment. Our C.A.D. system allows us to design and build complex equipment with short lead times. It also allows the customer to customize one of our basic sprayer designs to their own specific needs.

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Roadside and Canal Bank Sprayers
Accuspray designs and builds these heavy duty units to specification for each customer. The truck design can be based on one of our basic plans with modifications to suit the application. If required, Accuspray can custom engineer the truck from scratch.



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Accuspray Roadside and Canal Bank Spray Trucks feature the following equipment:
  • Raven® Poly or Fiberglass Tanks: 300 to 1,600 gallons

  • 100% welded structural tubing bed frames (no channel iron or "C" section is used)

  • Honda®, Kohler® or Robin® engines

  • Udor® diaphragm pumps or Hypro® centrifugal pumps

  • Spray Delivery Systems using components from:

  • Spraying Systems Co., Radiarc®, and / or Boom Buster®

  • Raven® SCS-700 or SCS-750 computer controlled Chemical Injection / Flow Control systems can control up to 5 chemical concentrates plus the carrier (water).

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Accuspray Skid Mounted Sprayers
The Accuspray skid mounted sprayers are designed to be mounted in pick-up truck beds and on flat-bed trucks or trailers. These compact units provide a quick and economical means to convert a truck or trailer to a sprayer, without the need for a dedicated vehicle. All you have to add is the Spray Delivery System (boomspray, boomless, or handgun). Applications include roadside, canal bank, turf, and agricultural spraying.



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Special Application Sprayers
For those applications where nothing of an existing design will do, Accuspray can do it! Sprayers can be built for a specific purpose to mount on anything from a Cat® to a boat. Our special application sprayers use the same quality components as our other units.

All that we need to add are your ideas!

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